New Starter M2T42781 438098 M003T42781 MD162838 MD162838 17288

17288 M2T42781 438098 M003T42781 MD162838 MD162838
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  • Item #: 17288
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Part # OEM Part Type Teeth Kilowatts
17288 Mitsubishi, Dodge, Plymouth Starter 8 0.8
Voltage Rotation Note Note Weight
12 CW DD 10 lbs.
Reference Numbers
Bosch SR4108X chrysler MD162838 Denso 280-4130 Lucas LRS01348 Mitsubishi M003T42781, M003T42781ZC
Mitsubishi M3T42781ZC, MD145182, MD162838 Valeo M000A0191, 438098, 455964
Dodge COLT 1.5L 1991-1995 Eagle SUMMIT 1.5L 1991-1993 Eagle TALON 1.8L 1993-1994 mitsubishi ECLIPSE 1.8L 1991-1994 Mitsubishi MIRAGE 1.5L 1991-1992
Plymouth COLT 1.5L 1991-1995 Plymouth LASER 1.8L 1991-1994
Tech Notes

Mitsubishi (103-178) or Mando (103-178A) Starter. The 17288 Looks Just Like the 16940, Except the Nose Cone is Approximately 10mm Shorter, and, Therefore, NOT Interchangeable With the 16940. The 17288 is the Direct Drive Version of the 17217 PMGR Starter, and Will Interchange With That.

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