New Starter 50-65784A1 10059LH ST59LH 30122 4304-USA

NEW STARTER 50-65784A1 10059LH ST59LH 30122 DELCO 4304-USA
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100% New, 1 year Warranty!!!


4304-USA, Starter


12V CCW 9T 24 lbs

Reference Numbers

API Marine 10059LH, ST59LH, ST59LHHD, STM59LHHD

Arco 30122, 30455

Crusader Marine 42091, 42150

Delco 1108742, 1109485, 1998405

Knight Rebuilding S1761

Mallory 9-15905

Mercury Marine 50-65784A1, 50-76965A1, 50-76965A2, 50-76965A3, 50-76965A4

MES – Marine Electric Suppliers 5275-ML, 5276ML

MFR Series – Family Type 10MT

Outboard Marine Corp (OMC) 981288, 982195, 984982, 986007

Pleasurecraft Marine RA122009

Real 20409041

Remy RS41114

Sierra Marine 18-5902, 18-5908


Crusader Boat

170 170 Engine 1961-1969
185 185 Engine 1961-1969
200 200 Engine 1961-1969
225 225 Engine 1961-1969
230 6cyl, 230ci, 3.8L 1961-1969
283 8cyl, 283ci, 4.6L 1961-1971
305 8cyl, 305ci, 5.0L 1977-1995
307 8cyl, 307ci, 5.0L 1961-1971
327 8cyl, 327ci, 5.4L 1961-1971
348 8cyl, 348ci, 5.6L 1961-1971
350 8cyl, 350ci, 5.7L 1967-1995
409 8cyl, 409ci, 6.7L 1961-1971
427 8cyl, 427ci, 7.0L 1961-1971
454 8cyl, 454ci, 7.4L 1977-1988

Mercruiser Engine – Marine

Model 198 MIE GM 5.0L - 305ci - 8cyl 1977
Model 225 MIE Ford 5.0L - 302ci - 8cyl 1973-1974
Model 228 MIE GM 5.0L - 305ci - 8cyl 1977-1981
Model 230 MIE GM 5.0L - 305ci - 8cyl 1981-1995
Model 233 MIE Ford 5.8L - 351ci - 8cyl 1975-1977
Model 255 MIE Ford 5.8L - 351ci - 8cyl 1973-1974
Model 255 MIE GM 5.7L - 350ci - 8cyl 1975-1980
Model 260 MIE GM 5.7L - 350ci - 8cyl 1981-1987
Model 330 MIE GM 7.4L - 454ci - 8cyl 1977-1980
Model 340 MIE w/Borg Warner MK4 GM 7.4L - 454ci - 8cyl 1981-1987
Model 350 MIE GM 7.4L - 454ci - 8cyl 1974-1976
Model 5.0L (4-BBL) GM 5.0L - 305ci - 8cyl 1987-1995

Mercruiser Ski Engine

Model 5.7L Ski GM 5.7L - 350ci - 8cyl 1985-1987

Mercruiser Stern Drive

Model 225 Ford 5.0L - 302ci - 8cyl 1973-1974
Model 228 GM 5.0L - 305ci - 8cyl 1977-1981
Model 233 Ford 5.8L - 351ci - 8cyl 1975-1977
Model 255 Ford 5.8L - 351ci - 8cyl 1973-1974
Model 330 GM 7.4L - 454ci - 8cyl 1977-1987
Model 898 GM 5.0L - 305ci - 8cyl 1977-1982

OMC Engine – Marine

5.0L 8cyl, 305ci, 5.0L GM 1978-1981
5.7L 8cyl, 350ci, 5.7L GM 1978-1981
7.4L 8cyl, 454ci, 7.4L GM 1978-1980
7.4L 8cyl, 454ci, 7.4L GM 1988

Pleasurecraft Engine – Marine

305CI, 5.0L 8cyl, 305ci, 5.0L 1976-1995
350CI, 5.7L 8cyl, 350ci, 5.7L 1976-1995
454CI, 7.4L 8cyl, 454ci, 7.4L 1976-1995

Thermo Electron Engine – Marine

Various Models 170 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 185 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 200 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 225 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 230 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 283 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 305 Engine 1977-1988
Various Models 327 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 348 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 350 Engine 1977-1988
Various Models 409 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 427 Engine 1970-1971
Various Models 454 Engine 1977-1988

Tech Notes

This is a Delco 10MT Starter (CCW Rotation), Using DE Housing #1852859 or 1893012 (Same), a 9-Tooth Drive (Accurate #4-247), and Lester Armature #2658. This Unit Conforms to SAEJ-1171 Marine (As Originally Designed). The 6440 is the Same Unit, But in a CW Rotation. The 6420 is the Same Unit as the 6440, Except the 6420 is the Low Torque Version.

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