New Starter 10461443 1113271 1998367 RE50095 028000-0972 6570

6570 10461443 1113271 1998367 RE50095 028000-0972
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Part # OEM Part Type Teeth Kilowatts
6570 Delco, Bobcat, Clark Starter 10 2.9
Voltage Rotation Note Note Weight
12 CW OSGR 28MT 23 lbs
Reference Numbers
Delco 10461443, 10461471, 10461473 Delco 10461482, 10461670, 1107577 Delco 1107599, 1107863, 1107871 Delco 1109251, 1113271, 1998367 Denso 028000-0970, 028000-0971, 028000-0972
Leece Neville 35258810, 35258810S, 35259580, 35259580S Nikko 02-23-1010, 0-23000-2060, 0-23000-2064 John Deere RE50095


Skid Steer Loaders 975 J. Deere 4-276 Dsl 1989-1990


Skid Steer Loaders 975 J. Deere 4276 1989-1990

John Deere

Backhoe Loaders 210C 4-239 Diesel 1985-1992
Backhoe Loaders 300B Diesel Engines 1984-1988
Backhoe Loaders 300D 4039 Diesel 1990
Backhoe Loaders 310B Diesel Engines 1983-1986
Backhoe Loaders 310C Diesel Engines 1987-1992
Backhoe Loaders 310D 4039 Diesel 1990-1992
Backhoe Loaders 315C 4039 Diesel 1987-1992
Backhoe Loaders 315D 4039 Diesel 1992
Crawlers 350D 164 Diesel 1982-1990
Crawlers 355D 1982-1990
Crawlers 400G 1988
Crawlers 450D 4-219 Diesel 1982-1985
Crawlers 450E 4-219 Diesel 1986-1992
Crawlers 455B 1990-1992
Crawlers 455E 1982-1990
Lift Trucks 482C 1987
Tractors - Industrial 310C 1987-1992
Tractors - Industrial 310D 1990-1992
Tractors - Industrial 400G 1992
Tractors - Industrial 410C Diesel Engines 1987-1992
Tractors - Industrial 410D Diesel Engines 1990-1992
Tractors - Industrial 450E 219 Diesel 1986-1992
Tractors - Industrial 450G 1993
Tractors - Industrial 510 1987-1992
Tractors - Industrial 510C 1985-1992
Tractors - Industrial 510D 1990-1992
Tractors - Industrial 610C 1987-1992
Tractors - Utility 5200 3-179 Diesel 1992
Tractors - Utility 5300 3-179 Diesel 1992
Tractors - Utility 5300N 3-179 Diesel 1992
Tractors - Utility 5400 3-179 Diesel 1992
Tractors - Utility 5400N 3-179 Diesel 1992
Tractors - Utility 5500 4-239 Diesel 1995
Tractors - Utility 5500N 4-239 Diesel 1995
Windrowers 3430 1985-1992
Windrowers 3430 1985-1992
Windrowers 3830 1985-1992
Windrowers 3930 1985-1992
ENGINES - MARINE 4039DFM w/Eng. Code 3006 4cyl, 239ci, 3.9L
ENGINES - MARINE 4045DFM70 w/Eng. Code 3008 4cyl, 276ci, 4.5L 2004-2007
ENGINES - MARINE 4045TFM w/Eng. Code 3006 4cyl, 276ci, 4.5L
ENGINES - MARINE 4045TFM75 w/Eng. Code 3008 4cyl, 276ci, 4.5L 2004-2007

Tech Notes

This is a Delco 28MT (12V, CW, 10T, 4-Terminal Solenoid) for John Deere Agricultural and Industrial Equipment. This Unit Looks Very Much Like, and Could Replace, the Common Starter Used on Older John Deere Equipment (OEM No. 1998367 - Lester No. 6539 (Also Replaces Lester No. 4000) - PIC No. 140-840).

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