New Brush Holder F1DZ-10347-A GB320 FSUU-10300-BA 39-207

New Brush Holder F1DZ-10347-A GB320 FSUU-10300-BA 39-207
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  • Item #: 39-207
  • Condition: New
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Product Description
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100% New, 1 year Warranty!!!


39-207, Brush Holder


1 lb

Reference Numbers

Ford F1DZ-10347-A, GB320

OEM Unit Numbers


AL598N, AL599N, AL7508N, AL7508N, AL7521N, AL7522N, AL7523N, AL7525N, AL7526N, AL7526N, AL7529N, AL7534N, AL7535N, AL7537N, AL7537N, AL7537N, AL7546N, AL7547N, AL597X, AL598X, AL598X, AL598X, AL599X, AL599X, AL599X, AL7508X, AL7508X, AL7509X, AL7509X, AL7509X, AL7521X, AL7522X, AL7523X, AL7523X, AL7525X, AL7526X, AL7526X, AL7527X, AL7527X, AL7527X, AL7527X, AL7527X, AL7528X, AL7529X, AL7529X, AL7529X, AL7530X, AL7530X, AL7534X, AL7534X, AL7535X, AL7536X, AL7536X, AL7537X, AL7537X, AL7537X, AL7537X, AL7542X, AL7542X, AL7544X, AL7546X, AL7547X, AL7547X, AL7547X, AL7547X, AL7547X, AL7549X, AL7556X, AL7557X, AL7564X, AL7564X, AL7565X, AL7566X, AL7567X, AL7569X, AL7592X, AL7603X, AL7604X, AL7605X, AL7605X, AL7629X, AL7637X, AL7637X, AL7671X


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Tech Notes

Epoxied Leads

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